Conveyor Chute Transition

Flo-Rak used in Conveyor / Chute Transition

Gauer’s expertise in custom fabricated products has solidified its reputation as a leader in various industries. Recently, Gauer was tasked with resolving transition challenges between a belt conveyor and spiral chute during a warehouse integration project for a distributor.

Addressing Complex Transition Issues:

The project involved multiple conveyors and chutes with varying distances and angles of transition, posing integration challenges. Leveraging its renowned Flo-Rak carton flow shelving, Gauer swiftly designed, manufactured, and installed customized transition chutes within a tight deadline of less than two weeks.

Precision Engineering and Rapid Deployment:

Gauer’s engineers utilized detailed step files and images to meticulously design transition chutes that precisely matched the required angles and distances. These designs were seamlessly integrated into the customer’s layout, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

Efficient Production and Installation:

With customer and integrator approval secured, Gauer expedited manufacturing to minimize disruption to the distribution center’s operations. The project demanded swift execution, particularly due to the intricate alignments required to seamlessly connect the transition chutes with the spiral chutes and conveyor systems.

Exceptional Results and Customer Satisfaction:

Upon installation, Gauer’s transition chutes exceeded expectations, seamlessly integrating into the conveyor/chute transitions with precision. Despite challenges like equipment downtime, Gauer’s commitment to quality and efficiency ensured the project remained on schedule, restoring normal operations swiftly.

Continued Commitment to Customer Success:

This project exemplifies Gauer’s dedication to meeting customer needs with innovative solutions and reliable service. Our experienced team remains committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring our customers’ operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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