Mount To Pallet Rack Uprights


Gauer’s Flo-Rak Shelving can be mounted to pallet rack uprights. Gauer has devised many options to make this attachment as easy as possible. Even a layback effect can be accomplished standard standard pallet rack using multiple notches or varied shelf depths. We can fit our shelf frames into ANY rack manufacturer’s design, roll formed or structural.

Or Use Gauer Vertical Frames


Alternatively, Gauer Vertical Frames can be supplied for standalone units.These verticals are constructed to stand the test of time. A solid welded design ensures a firm base structure, while the sway and angle braces keep the unit square. Slots along the vertical posts are designed to accept a Gauer Clip and allow for ¾ inch vertical adjustability. The entire structure can be erected by simply tightening a few bolts. This vertical unit is strong, fast to assemble and efficient, just another reason GauerBuilt quality is always preferred by warehouse professionals.

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