Available Through Special Order Only


Gauer offers full width roller runways through special order only. This style of product became popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The product has lost some steam in the more recent years due to lack of versatility when box or carton size change. The full width roller runways can become ineffective if boxes carry over between sections. However, if you do not plan on making any changes to the widths of your lanes, this may be the product for your warehouse.

This product can be manufactured as standalone, beam supported lanes or as a substitute for traditional roller track in shelf frames. The ¾ inch diameter rollers are manufactured in standard nominal widths of 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch roller runways. The steel axle rollers can be placed on 1 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch centers depending on needs of the customer.

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