Gauer Metal Products was the first manufacturer of carton flow shelving in the world, beginning manufacturing of early models in the 1940’s. After years of fine tuning the design to the modern Gauer Flo-Rak family of products, we are certain that our systems are most defiantly equipped to suit your needs. Similar systems, made by our competitors, have given an undue bad impression of what these shelves with the proper track can accomplish. Gauer is always up for a challenge and is very willing to put our product up against a competitor’s, in a side by side competition.

Pictured above, featuring a pick to light system, is the original and very much loved welded shelf frame design. Gauer’s welded shelf construction is second to none. The frame is made of formed steel and has all joints welded solidly to ensure the most secure sturdy design possible. Gauer has made many improvements to this design over the years, some because of customer requests and others due to the tireless work of our engineers to improve our GauerBuilt products.

Please feel free to contact Gauer Metal Products or a Gauer Distributor with any questions about our products.