Easy installation into existing beams


The Gauer Flo-Bed carton flow system is designed specifically to fit directly into (or onto) existing pallet rack beams. With their many years of experience, Gauer has seen a legitimate need for a simple Drop-In or Drop-On style of carton flow. Gauer’s Flo-Bed contains a 1⅞” diameter high density polyethylene wheel which can be spaced on 2 inch or 3 inch centers. The Gauer Flo-Bed sections are available in 16 and 12 inch nominal widths and can support up to 50 lbs. per linear foot. Flo-Bed can be configured with up to 10 foot unsupported, but for heavier capacities can have beams set underneath the bed to support the excess weight.

Gauer’s Flo-Bed carton flow system can be configured with all of the options of traditional carton flow shelves. There are options for knuckles, knuckle trays, impact trays as well as extended sides for bay containment. When working with Gauer no matter what industry warehousing, food handling, liquor or pharmaceutical, Gauer can profile a bay to exactly what is needed.


No additional hardware required


Gauer Metal Products was the first manufacturer of carton flow shelving in the world, beginning manufacturing of early models in the 1940’s. After years of fine tuning the design to the modern Gauer Flo-Rak family of products, we are certain that our systems are most defiantly equipped to suit your needs. Similar systems, made by our competitors, have given an undue bad impression of what these shelves with the proper track can accomplish. Gauer is always up for a challenge and is very willing to put our product up against a competitor’s, in a side by side competition

Gauer Drop-In Flo-Rak Shelf Frames & Staggered Drop-In Flo-Bed Sections may be installed in to your existing pallet rack. These units are easy to install using pallet rack beams and can create a quick and efficent Flo-Rak warehouse. There is no shelving nor mounting hardware required. Our Flo-Beds are available with the industry standard 1.9 inch diameter wheels molded from high density polyethylene, installed in 16 inch nominal wide beds. The rollers sections can be installed on 2 inch or 3 inch centers in the flow direction. While our Drop-In Flo-Rak Shelves, can be installed with any of our Flo-Trak styles.

Please feel free to contact Gauer Metal Products or a Gauer Distributor with any questions about our products.