20 Gauge (0.036″) to 3/16 inch thick material

Gauer Model 9H-CTL Edging and Deburring Machine

Discover the precision and efficiency of the Gauer Model 9H-CTL Edging and Deburring Machine, designed to handle 20 Gauge (0.036″) to 3/16 inch thick materials with versatility and reliability.


  • Model: 9H-CTL
  • Thickness Range: 20 Gauge (0.036″) to 3/16 inch (4.8mm)
  • Width Range: Variable, suitable for producing bar or strip from slit coil
  • Length Control: Solid state electronics with push-button controls and digital readout
  • Edge Conditions: Universal Mill Edge, Square Edge, Modified Square, or other special forms
  • Material: Ferrous & non-ferrous metals with max yield strength of 50,000 psi (345 N/mm²).
  • Speed: Variable, optimized for up to [speed per specification] feet per minute (60 meters per minute)
  • Electrical: 460V, 3 phase, 60hz (230V available)
  • Total Power: 53 hp (39 kW)


  • Automatic Operation: Produces flat, straight, and edged bar or strip from slit coils in a fully automatic process.
  • Quick Setup: Easily adjust for various widths and lengths without part changes, reducing downtime.
  • Compact Design: All processing functions integrated on a single base, saving on installation costs and floor space.
  • High-Quality Construction: Rolls are hardened and ground tool steel with anti-friction bearings for durability and extended maintenance intervals.
  • Hydraulic Drive: Direct coupled hydraulic motors ensure smooth operation and prevent damaging forces during stall conditions.


The Gauer Model 9H-CTL Edging Machine is engineered for robust performance in edge conditioning and cut-to-length operations. It features advanced hydraulic drive technology that provides the torque needed to handle light strip to heavy bar stock without issues like buckling or stretching. An electronic counter with shaft encoding device controls piece length accurately, with settings adjustable for various operational requirements.

For continuous production, the machine supports coil-to-coil operation via a selector switch and compatible recoiler, ensuring seamless workflow in manufacturing environments.

Enhance your manufacturing efficiency with the Gauer 9H-CTL Edging and Deburring Machine’s precision, reliability, and space-saving design. Contact us today to integrate this advanced solution into your production line.