20 Gauge (0.036″) to 3/16 inch thick material


Produce bar or strip from slit coil in a choice of several edge conditions, quickly and efficiently. As in our 8H-CTL and 10H-CTL, piece length is controlled by solid state electronics with push-button controls and indicated on a digital readout.

Cut-To-Length Unit

This edge conditioning and cut to length unit is capable of producing flat, straight and edged bar or strip from slit coils in one completely automatic operation. Set up for various widths and lengths is fast and easy, requiring no part changes. Simply replacing one pair of edging rolls is all that is needed to accommodate different stock thicknesses. Having all necessary processing functions combined on one compact base means important savings in installation costs and valuable plant space. Quality of design and construction ensure dependable production performance with a minimum of maintenance.

General Description

All rolls in contact with the stock are hardened and ground tool steel. These are supported by anti-friction radial and thrust bearings with ample grease reservoirs for longer lubrication intervals. Rolls are driven with direct coupled hydraulic motors that can provide the wide range of torque necessary to handle the lightest strip to the heaviest bar stock without buckling or stretching problems between stages. An additional benefit of this type of drive is that damaging forces can not be built up during a stall condition. Operating oil temperature is held to a conservative level by a fan and radiator combination.

Piece length is controlled by an electronic counter operating from a shaft encoding device coupled to the lower pinch roll. The piece length desired is simply entered into the counter by push buttons and a readout of the length is displayed before the shear operates. Acceleration from and deceleration to the stopped cut off position can be adjusted to suit coil weight, length accuracy required, speed, and cycle time. A separate counter is provided to stop the machine at any selected count.

Coil to coil operation can be achieved by simply setting a selector switch and employing a suitable recoiler.