Edging & Deburring for 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick material

Gauer's 10H-CTL Edging Machine

Gauer 10H-CTL Edging, Deburring and Straightening Cut-To-Length System

The 10H-CTL Edging and Deburring Machine, a Cut-To-Length bar edging and straightening system, offers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse requirements efficiently. It enables the production of edge finished bars from slit coil and sheared plate, eliminating the need to stock numerous sizes.

Key Features

Designed to address a wide array of requirements, our 10H-CTL system excels in producing edge-finished bars from coil or sheared plates, eliminating the need for maintaining a vast inventory of various sizes. Equipped with a unique stage, it provides precise control over camber, twist, and vertical bow, enhancing operational flexibility.

Reliability Assured

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality components available, the 10H Machines ensure long-term reliability even under challenging conditions. Every part is meticulously crafted to stringent specifications, ensuring durability. Featuring an oil to air heat exchanger for temperature control, our machines offer superior performance compared to water systems. Experience less cumbersome and more efficient cut-to-length, coil, and bar edge finishing with our 10H-CTL Edging Machine.

Efficient Maintenance

Gauer’s innovative development of a fully hydraulic machine has established a reputation for indestructible equipment. Our hydraulic system includes monitored filters that automatically indicate when replacement is needed. The easily replaceable cartridge filters require replacement only after extensive hours of operation, minimizing downtime. The hydraulic drive system eliminates damaging stall torques, crucial for preventing damage in cases of operator setup errors.


  • Model: 10H-CTL
  • Thickness Range: 1/8″ to 1/2″ (3mm to 13mm)
  • Width Range: 1″ to 8″ (25mm to 200mm)
  • Length Accuracy: within 1/16″
  • Material: Ferrous & non-ferrous metals with a max yield strength of 50,000 psi (345 N/mm²).
  • Speed: Variable, up to 200 fpm (60 m/min)
  • Edge Capability: Universal Mill Edge, Square Edge, Modified Square, or other special forms subject to approval.
  • Electrical: 460V, 3 phase, 60Hz (230V available)
  • Total Power: 78 hp (58 kW)
  • Dimensions: 7’0″ L x 7’1″ W x 5’10” H
  • Weight: Approximately 13,500 lbs.

Enhance your operations with our 10H-CTL edging, deburring and straightening system delivering precision, reliability, and efficiency.