High Volume – Indexable for Multiple Coils


Additional Information

  • Up to 72″ (1880mm) diameter coil
  • Fully indexable for multiple coil loading
  • Remote control station for operator safety
  • Hydraulically powered for feeding thick coil stock
  • Peeler-Breaker to straighten coil
  • Removable feed table for sheared bar applications


The Gauer 10,000 Lb. Uncoiler has been designed specifically to provide the safest and most efficient method of handling the narrow coil used in Gauer Cut-To-Length Systems.

The hydraulically powered reel, including mandrel expansion and positioning, allows multiple coil loading and indexing, eliminating wasted time as each new coil is needed. When each coil is completed, the uncoiler is indexed to the new outside coil.

The hydraulics are designed to provide the power needed to easily handle the thickest and largest coils used in Gauer Cut-To-Length Lines.

The remote controlled peeler-breaker straightens the coil end and allows the operator to easily feed the coil into the machine from a safe distance. The removable feed table allows the Gauer 10H-CTL Bar Edger the ability to accept sheared plate as an alternative to coil as conditions dictate.

It is Gauer’s awareness, of the specific problems in the steel service center industry, that has led to the development of material handling equipment providing the most efficient methods for producing bar from sheared plate and coil. We not only manufacture this equipment, but use it every day in our own plant.


Coils can be loaded on the mandrel, which can be gang stacked up to 12″, using an overhead crane or similar application. The mandrel is expanded which draws coils tight against the back plate. The reel frame and the mandrel are hydraulically adjusted to center the first coil.

The hold-down arm is brought down into position and the top keeper, located on the hold-down arm, is positioned tight against the coil.

The bottom keeper is flipped up into position, locked and adjusted using a hand crank. With the coil contained, via the hold-down roll and keepers, the bands can be cut.

Using the remote push-button station the coil end can now be straightened and fed down the run-out table to the machine. Once the machine receives the coil, the uncoiler is set for run mode and control is passed to the Gauer CTL Unit.

When the coil is finished, it is a simple process to index the mandrel so that the next coil is against the keepers and the process repeated. The adjustments for reel movement, mandrel expansions and hold-down arm control are through hydraulic lever calves. Control of the threading process is through a remote push-button station.

The operation of the uncoiler is very simple and straight forward and is handled by your regular production line personnel.