Catherine Gauer

Catherine Gauer, New Chairwoman

Catherine Gauer has been unanimously voted as the new Chairwoman of the Board at Gauer Metal Products, Inc., succeeding her husband of over 60 years, Walter W. Gauer, the company’s founder. Catherine’s appointment marks a continuation of her longstanding dedication to the company, where she played a pivotal role alongside Walter since its inception.

A Legacy of Dedication and Leadership:

In the early days of Gauer Metal Products, Catherine single-handedly managed the accounting department, overseeing payables, receivables, and payroll with meticulous attention to detail. Her commitment to precision and integrity has been integral to the company’s success over the decades.

Continuity of Values and Ethics:

Both Walter and Catherine Gauer shared a deep commitment to the company’s values, ensuring ethical practices and operational excellence for over 67 years. Catherine continues this legacy, upholding the same work ethic and principles that have defined Gauer Metal Products.

Stability and Continuity:

The transition in leadership to Catherine Gauer ensures continuity in company operations and management. The existing officers and directors, nominated by Mr. and Mrs. Gauer prior to Walter’s passing, remain unchanged, providing stability and confidence to employees and stakeholders alike.

Empowering Leadership:

Gauer Metal’s employees warmly welcome Catherine Gauer as their new Chairwoman, recognizing her remarkable leadership and unwavering dedication to keeping the company running smoothly.

Catherine Gauer’s appointment signifies a new chapter in the legacy of Gauer Metal Products, characterized by strong leadership, continuity of values, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.